Sun protection for the kids!

Who does not love the sun and his warmth! The sun is necessary for our lives, as he activates vitamin D, which is essential for the absorption of calcium in our body. Sun has a catalytic effect on our psychology and is essential for the proper function and development of our organization. However, the unlimited exposure to the sun may cause serious health damage, particularly in children.


Protect your children properly from the harmful effects of the sunlight, following our experts’ ad-vice, so that you can keep the sun at a safe distance, enjoying only the beneficial properties, with-out the negative consequences.


We are all equals.

One important rule for all ages is that in regard to children, dark skin is more secure under the sun, compared to the lighter tones! This is untrue! Dark children’s skin, is at the same risk as light one.

The shade is not enough!

Many parents may think that their children are safe under the shade of an umbrella or a tree, but that is wrong. Sand or white pebbles reflect the radiation that can even penetrate the clouds.

It’s all about timing!

A moisturizer is not suitable for all ages, so isn’t our sunscreen! Sensitive children’s skin needs the protection of a high index and specially developed formulas. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure and refresh every 2 hours and every time after swimming, toweling or perspiring. In addition, avoid sun exposure between 10 am and 4 pm.

Special accessories.

Clearly the light-colored clothes, protect from the sun’s rays, but their protection stops when the cloth gets wet with the sea water and starts to blot. In this case you should change your child’s clothing immediately. Prefer clothes that offer sun protection so your children are really safe under the sun! Sunscreen accessories also play an important role in complete sun protection, such as the hat and sunglasses!