If you are looking for something out of the ordinary for your summer holidays, sure is that Santorini will excite you with its uniqueness, which is not easily found on any other Greek island.

With the imposing volcano playing a key role in shaping the island’s structure, Santorini can offer breathtaking views and breathtaking feelings of mystery.
Enjoy the different beaches on the island, where the ash of the volcano has given them unique colors that define their names, such as “Black Beach” or Perissa, with black sand, “Red Beach” with red sand and the “White Beach”. Beware, the temperature on the beaches of Santorini is always a bit higher than you are used to.

Enjoy the most beautiful sunset from Oia and feel awe, listening to the applause of the visitors at Oia Castle during the sunset, thus praising one of the most beautiful landscapes they have seen.

Wander through the streets of Oia and Fira, discovering local treasures and do not forget to buy local products such as Santorin fava and tomatoes. Equip yourself with patience and stable shoes, as you will need to climb the paved alleys several times.

For a real life experience, do not forget to visit the volcano, go up to its last big active crater, which is monitored by special measuring machines and enjoy another aspect of Santorini, with equally magnificent views.

Enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting, at a local winery, where you can taste the unique flavors of the particular Santorini territory and take a wine with local label for your loved ones, as it is something that will be definitely appreciated!

A visit at the Akrotiri Archaeological Museum is almost imperative, as you will see the rich history of the island and you will have the chance to see the houses of the inhabitants, before the first eruption of the volcano, which due to the ashes that have covered them, have been preserved in excellent condition.
You will also be impressed by finding that the ancient inhabitants of Thira had one of the most modern water systems for their time and that ancient Akrotiri was one of the most commercial passages in Europe!

For dining, try some of the villages of Santorini such as the village of Pyrgos or Exo Gonia, where the local taverns and restaurants have excellent food with local ingredients, while for your amusement, Santorini can offer enjoyable cocktails with a view to the volcano, in one of little the streets of Fira.

Santorini is a very hospitable island and offers you much more than the commerciality of its views, as long as you are equipped with energy and curiosity to discover it!