1st of May, is the ideal occasion for your first visit at the beach! But what about the sun? It doesn’t only improve our mood and keeps us energized, but can also be dangerous for our health.

“Can the sun be our friend?
Of course, but only under special circumstances! “

We are not all “equal” under the sun. We have different sun protection needs, according to our skin type. Very light skins tones, are more photosensitive and require higher sun protection, while darker skin tones should start with a high UV protection sunscreen and continue with a medium one. For all the skin types, the use of sunscreen is essential every shiny day of the year.

“Preserving your Youth”.

Did you know that the sunscreen is as important for the body as the anti-aging cream is for the face? With UV rays being the major factor for skin aging, reducing the production of collagen and elastin, but also being the main cause of various skin cancers, the use of sunscreen is the most effective way of preserving the youth and health of our skin.

“Bronze Charm”

The perfect tan is the No1 one summer goal, but do resist long exposure to the sun especially during intense radiation hours: 10.00a.m-16.00p.m. Long-lasting and deep tan, is achieved with the right method. With the suitable sunscreen and gradual exposure of a few minutes in the sun every day, melanin is being stimulated, only without the sun burn.

“Beauty Rituals”

As a beauty ritual, proper sun protection is a whole set of factors, such as the preparation of the skin for the application of the sunscreen, applying it 30 minutes before sun exposure, so that it is absorbed properly and reapply when needed. It is also important not to forget that your skin needs after sun treatment as well.

Enhance your sun shield, protecting body parts that are most likely to get sunburned, such as the top of your nose, around the eyes, forehead, neck and bust, using a hat, sunglasses and light t-shirts, when you can’t avoid being under the sun at midday hours.

“Taking care of yourself”
Regularly check your skin moles for any changes, as this is the best way to locate the early stages of skin cancer.