Protect your skin from Photoaging

When we were young, we would enjoy countless moments under the sun but nowadays the sun rays do not only have benefits to our body but also a number of damaging consequences. The number one cause of premature aging of the suns rays. UVB rays may be responsible for a”simple” sunburn, but UVA rays are responsible for the permanent damage to the skin from exposure to the sun as they go deeper into our epidermis.

Extensive exposure to ultraviolet radiation makes its presence known to our skin with the first signs of brown spots to witness the early stages of photoaging. People with light or dry skin are more likely to experience premature aging of the skin due to ultraviolet radiation.

What is photoaging? It is the premature aging of the skin, which resembles age-old aging, but is due to exposure to the sun. The epidermis loses its elasticity and reduces the collagen of the body.

As photo-aging is irreversible, the best treatment is prevention. Skin hydration before and after exposure to sunlight and minimizing exposure to ultraviolet radiation are the safest ways to deal with it. Photoaging is ranked in four stages: Mild, Moderate, Advanced and Serious.

Daily use of sunscreen is the best way to prevent photoaging and keep our skin young, especially in areas that are more vulnerable to photoaging such as the face, sternum and throat as well as hands. Keep your body moisturized, wear all the necessary accessories that will protect you, but will also give you style too. Protect your skin it during sun exposure so that you can prevent photoaging a maintain the youth of your skin.