Packing for summer holidays is an exciting process, but it can also become a nightmare as we are called to “minimize” our closet, choosing the most necessary items to take with us.

Think practically.
Products that can be used in more than one ways, are the favorites of travel addicts, as they don’t hold much space in our suitcase. Choose between your clothes and cosmetics the ones that can be used/worn in more than one way. For example, a kimono can be worn as a dress, by adding a belt or a bronzer can also be used as an eyeshadow.

Do not forget your hair protection and the necessary hair care products for your vacation. Radiation does not only affect the skin, but also the color of your hair, so use stylish hats that will complete your summer outfits and also provide extra protection to your hair.

Invest in every step you take. Take some time to look for the right pair of shoes. A nice pair of comfy sandals for your walks in the alleys of the island, is the most suitable choice. Make sure they are not slippery and that you can wear them many hours of the day.

“Replace” the company of mobile phone with a nice book for your vacation. Along with your holiday travels, you can also travel with your mind through the pages of a book.

As much necessary as it is to have a bathing suit with you, so is the sunscreen, which will provide you protection under the summer sun. Look for the appropriate sunscreen for your skin type and needs, considering the activities you choose on your vacation. What do you want to do this summer? Do want to learn a new watersport or get that deep tan you always wanted? Choose the right sunscreen for every occasion!

In the summer, our skin needs more protection and hydration. Choose enhanced products with moisturizing and nourishing action for face and body.

Bon voyage!