Volcanic Nisyros

An island with a rich geological history and a strong character that will keep you exited with its beauty, Nisyros has a strong energy that will not leave you uninhibited!

Nisyros can be considered an island but in fact it is more than that. It is an active volcano! Three craters with male names (maybe not selected randomly), Stefanos, Alexandros and Polybotis, whom you can visit and feel their explosive character as they still have some hot spots with hot water and diffuse the smell of the goddess. It is therefore recommended to wear closed shoes. With the geologists watching closely, visiting the volcano of Nisyros is a life experience that you have to live!

The thermal baths of Nisyros can relieve from dermatological and musculoskeletal disorders. Some baths reach up to 60 degrees and you can also visit the municipal baths that have been operating since the 19th century.

Wander around the scenic alleys of Mandraki, the capital of the island, where you can find a few but selected bars for different preferences. Enjoy your ouzo at Elikimiens Square or Lefkandiou and do not forget to visit the most photographed Porta Square in the village of Nikia. Famous for its pebble design, it is located just below the Church of the Virgin Mary’s Estates.

Equally impressive is Palaiokastro, which has been preserved since antiquity. A wall made of trachea, waiting for you to impress you with its appearance and history!

Nisyros has a deeply artistic character and although small is quite cosmopolitan. It is preferred by artists of all kinds, since the energy of the volcano in this lunar landscape, rather inspires anxious spirits.

Most beaches of Nisyros are not organized if you are looking for relaxing moments on the beach without the noisy watersports, then you are in the right place. Swim in Hochlaku, where if you arrive early you can find shrubs for shade while in Lia you will enjoy true tranquility. Pahia Ammos is recommended for the more liberated and bold visitors!