All summer long, you try to get that bronze tan you were so dreaming about and you are willing to do everything you have to in order to maintain it. What you probably did not know is that the secret to a long-lasting tan is the right after sun care! By fighting the signs of sun exposure, you can keep your tan longer and help your skin become even more moisturized and healthy.

The most common symptom of sun exposure is skin dehydration. This feeling of skin stretch does not only make your skin peeled but also creates wrinkles faster. To prevent it, you should avoid products with strong ingredients and choose hydrating creams with a rich moisturizing texture that will instantly relieve your skin.

Redness, is the evidence of skin stress from the sun. Do not let the salt dry on you and rinse it with a cool shower. The burning feeling can be combated with the appropriate refreshing product that will moisturize your skin and prevent peeling by restoring its elasticity.

Beware eyes!

Exposure to sunlight and salt can irritate your eyes. Washing with chamomile or slices of cucumber will remove the irritation from the sensitive area of the eyes and refresh your eyes.

Light exfoliation.

Sun exposure causes hardness of the skin at various points, some of which are elbows and knees. Lightly exfoliate every week to get even tan and smooth soft skin.

Keeping your body hydrated in every way possible, such as eating fruits and vegetables, using moisturizing products. These ways the peeling can be prevented while it restores its natural elasticity and moisture, and your skin radiates health and beauty.