Long lasting tan: Is it possible? (spoiler alert: it is)

It is a common secret that summer is measured in: days you spent at the beach, how many ice creams you ate and … how deep is your tan. Of course, you have every reason to want to get a bronze skin, since the sun-kissed body has a very flattering glow and gives you a very charming sillouete.


But after you have done everything you need to get the desired tanning tone, the next step is to keep it for as long as you can so that you don’t have to say goodbye to it the first days of fall. No one wants that to happen.

It is all about strategy

The number one secret for a long lasting tan is to follow the right method. Methodical exposure to the sun, as much as you need each day until you reach the desired tint, is the key move to achieve it. If you are targeting a steep tan, well think again because it is most likely that your skin will be peeled in no time.

Keep your skin moisturized

Hydrated skin is a joyful complexion, and this means that even if you have been exposed (always under protection) to the rays of the sun, it will not revenge you back with redness, aches or acne from the sun’s rays.

Food for tan

There are some foods that can enhance your tan and help you keep it longer because they help to producion of melanin. These foods contain substances such as carotenoids, B complex vitamins, selenium, copper and flavonoids. So to make it easier to tan, you should start eating carrots, apricots, nuts, sesame seeds and colorful peppers.