Sparkling Kimolos

Paradise on earth Kimolos, with its’ green waters, welcomes you with a tranquility that embraces you as soon as you reach the harbor. The Cycladic volcanic island with its serene breeze, located just 30 minutes away from Milos, has remarkable natural beauty that will enchant you!

The settlement of the island is at the foot of Mount Xavlopouniou and is not called Chora as in all the Greek islands, but Village, as it is just about this. Enjoy the view of the surrounding islands from the School Square and also wander through the picturesque covered streets. In Chorio you will also find cafe-bars for your nightlife.

Discover the Castle of the Village, which was a pirated fortress and it is divided into Mesa Castro which is now ruined and Exo Castle, while you should also pay a visit to the traditional “Kadia Kardia” café, which has been operating since 1920.

The beaches of Kimolos look more like … swimming pools as their waters are green and crystal clear creating a beautiful landscape that looks tropical!

The closest beaches in Chorio are Alyki, Bonatsa and Kalamitsi, which are about 10 minutes away. Prasa beach is one of the most famous beaches of the island and is it organized while you can see ancient Greek treasures at the bottom! Ruins of the ancient city of Kimolos are very close to the coast and were sunk by an earthquake.

Kimolos is also geologically interesting! Skiadis is the trademark of the island for its particular geological formation created by the winds. It looks like a huge stone mushroom and will surely impress you!

Kimolos also hides delicious gastronomic surprises. Local cuisine is exceptionally delicious with its favorite tastes of greens and cheese. The olives are a kind of pizza with onion while the cheese is a variation of the classic cheese pie.

Each place is his people. The locals, friendly and low-key, will make you feel at home and will give you valuable advice in order to enjoy the island they love so much, in the best possible way!