Ikaria, where the time stops!

Ikaria, Nikaria or Dolichy (the ancient name) you name it, there is one thing for sure: at this island you will discover that the locals have found the secret of longevity! At a slow pace, everything in Ikaria operates at their own time, with which you have to compromise! Thus, you can spend your holidays peacefully and without stress.

Sixty villages, magical beaches and hot springs are only some of the treasures of Ikaria.

The most famous beach is the Seychelles beach and it is ideal for windy days because it’s basically a small bay with turquoise waters, while Mesachti beach is a sandy beach, organized and ideal for relaxation. At Armenistis beach you can enjoy water sports, while at Livadi beach you can relax, getting the tan you have always dreamed of.

You are at the island of longevity so a visit at the thermal springs is required. The eight radiant springs are said to have healing effects and offer longevity to the inhabitants of Ikaria! Ikaria has become a major tourist destination for holistic purposes and the thermal springs are located at the south side of the island: Lefkada, Agia Kyriaki, Xylosyrti, Agios Kirikos.

At Christos Rachon village, you can find lots of restaurants and at Agios Polykarpos village you can enjoy a long walk and have a refreshment at the local traditional cafe. There are also two more villages worth paying a visit: Manganitis and Karkinagri where the locals have many stories to tell you about the history of the island.

There is also an interesting architectural feature at Ikaria, which is the cave houses! Built in 1700 with the fear of pirates, these homes are built underneath the rocks having no windows or chimneys, so that they could protect them from pirates.

Ikaria is also famous for its summer traditional music festivals called Panigiria that take part in August at the villages of Christos Rahon, Lagada, Monokambi, Akamata, Karavostamos and Marathos.

Ikaria is an island full of surprises and many activities for the whole family! An island that will impress you with its diversity at every point and will not let you get bored even minute!