Get that glowing skin you always wanted by eating the right food

Our skin is one of the most spectacular organs of our body. It helps us understand the world around us, we feel the temperature with it and it also protects us from external harmful factors. Although our skin is born flexible, with the ageing, it loses its elasticity, hydration and freshness. An important factor in boosting our body’s energy is a proper diet that shields our body and offers that glow that comes from within!


Walnuts are energy-rich and contain alphalinolenic acid that enhances cell production and hydration.


Pomegranate has rich antioxidants and brightens the skin! In addition, it contains ellagic acid that slows collagen destruction.


Spinach gives a rich hydration to the skin as it provides vitamins A and C to our body.


Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and lycopene, which protects us from harmful sun rays! Tomato also works as an anti-aging!

Green tea

Green tea has many beneficial effects for our body, one of which is accelerating skin rejuvenation from dehydrated skin from solar radiation.


Cocoa contains flavonoids that enhance better blood circulation and cell regeneration!


Soy has strong anti-aging properties! Helps reduce the blistering of our skin and enhances the natural elasticity and firmness of our body!