Who doesn’t love carefree family moments by the sea! Under the sun, everything seems almost perfect and definitely more enjoyable. The sea is inviting you to enjoy its freshness and you can’t wait to create some new memories, with your precious child!

The sun helps our body function properly, boosting vitamin D production, therefore it is essential for our children’s growth, but remember: just a few minutes of sun exposure are more than enough to “do the job”. The protection of the tender skin from the ultraviolet radiation is a must do.

While getting caught up in the joy of playing outdoors, the result could be overexposure to the sun, for more than it is beneficial for your children.

Protect the sensitive kid’s skin from burning, by avoiding the exposure to the sun at the hours with the most intense radiation: 10.00-16.00. As the exposure to the sun does not only cause burns but it is also associated with skin allergies, you should consider using an umbrella for shade and shield from the ultraviolet light.

“Affection for your child’s skin”

You should always use specially developed sunscreen for children’s skin, as well as water resistant and hypoallergenic formulations. Search out for the ideal one that will protect your child’s delicate skin and provide the necessary safety and care. For babies under 6 months, sun exposure is not recommended, while for toddlers from 6 months up to 3 years old, you could use sunscreen suitable for children that provides high protection for infants΄skin.

“Don’t forget the t-shirt”

During the hours of intense radiation, stay in a cool and shady place. If this is not possible, make sure that your children wear light-colored clothing, hat and sunglasses.

“Be Creative”

We know first hand that no child wants to get out of the sea and disrupt playing and cannot understand the harm of the high radiation hours. Adapt the “under the umbrella” time, into something fun and interesting for your children, with special family activities so that your child can find it pleasant, to spend some time with you away from the sun light. Do not forget to use sunscreen, even when under the umbrella, as the sand reflects up to 17% of the sun’s rays.

“Be the good example”

Teach your children the importance of sun protection, giving them the good example by using yourself regularly sunscreen!