Peaceful Anafi

Anafi is a Cycladic Island and it is also an island of tranquility and peace! A wonderful island for those who seek simplicity for their summer holidays, Anafi can be one of the most ideal destinations for relaxation. Glorious within the beauty of the natural environment, Anafi stands out for its authentic character and is very appreciated by those who seek inner peace.

The white Cycladic-architecture full of flower houses at Chora, will remind you of Anafiotika in Athens, which have been built by local builders of Anafi.

Get ready to be stunned by seeing the highest monolith of the eastern Mediterranean, the most “scary rock of the world” called Kalamos, and do not miss exploring Drakontospilos, a cave with a rough path full of stalagmites and stalactites. If you are lucky, you may bump into a herd of seals that often appears there!

The view from the Panagia of Kalamiotissa Monastery is really breathtaking! The Monastery is a quite famous attraction, minimal, beautiful and peaceful, standing tall in the mountains.

The beaches of Anafi are waiting for you for endless relaxation. Swim in the famous crystal clear waters of Roukouna Beach and do not forget to pay a visit to Flamoura and Kleisidi beach, with its white sand and turquoise waters!

Entertainment and pleasure in Anafi follow the same minimalist rhythms. Chora, gathers the majority of shops, tavernas and bars for your entertainment, under the blue sky of the Aegean island.

It is one of the most ideal destinations for absolute relaxation and a real getaway rom the stressful habits of your everyday life, since in order to enjoy Anafi, you must follow its relaxed pace!

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