The big blue of Amorgos

Relaxation, crystal blue waters and scenic alleys formed the backdrop of the movie “Big Blue”, since its unique beauty makes Amorgos one of the most special and idyllic summer destinations.

The Chora of the island, is one of the most beautiful of the Cyclades! Picturesque and prominent on the mountain. There, you will find many shops and bars for your entertainment, while the villages of Amorgos will offer you a super relaxing and tasteful experience! The local delicacy is the Xerotigana, which you can find almost everywhere on the island, but of course you can also enjoy excellent food in the villages of Tholaria, Aegiali and Amorgialos, while you should not miss tasting the Amorgos trademark drink, the baked raki!

Of course you should pay a visit to the monastery of Hozoviotissa, as it is one of the most important and most spectacular sights of the island! An imposing, cobblestone rock, the monastery looks like it is “hanging” from above, offering to the visitors a breathtaking view. It is accessible from the most popular beach of the island, that of Agia Anna and you can reach it by its 300 stairs. The spectacular view from the top will compensate you!

Another attraction is the shipwreck in Kato Meria where, since 1980, a storm broke the ship’s anchor, partially submerging in the bay of the area, making it one of the most characteristic points of the island.

An interesting sight is the rock paintings of Asphondilite, the stories that were carved on the rocks since 1888, and the Tower of Gavras. A building of Venetian architecture that is utilized as a museum, with findings from the excavations that have been made in the area.

With 3 campings, Amorgos is the campers’ paradise, with the most famous camping site , he one located in Aegiali, a peaceful village with a beach full of hammocks.

Do not miss to visit the most famous beach of the island, Agia Anna, the beach with the endless blue sea, which will live you speechless with its view! Other beaches you will enjoy visiting are Saint Paul, the sandy Aegiali with the clear blue waters, the Gramvousa beach that is accesible by water taxi, Paradisia, Mouros, Maltezi, Levrosos and Katapola beach.

The Amorgians are willing to make your staying totally worth it. Amorgos is standing gorgeous in its simplicity. The island will enchant you with its dominant blue that will speak to your soul!